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Roasted Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

Kai had a cough. Then Bella had a cough. Then Aidan had a sore throat. 

I started making soup.

I usually just see what I have, throw it together and let it simmer in a pot.

Feel free to add more of things or change things, that is what I love about recipes. You can have a base and make it your own.

Squash and carrots are rich in beta carotene, a vitamin that supports immune function.

Ginger had antibiotic like effects and it helps to move congestion by promoting the movement of blood.

Tumeric is an amazing spice that is a strong anti-oxidant, but also supports the liver, is anti-cancer and  an anti-inflammatory.

We all know how amazing onions and garlic are!

I roasted 2 small butternut squashs and 6 carrots. I tossed the carrots in some olive oil first and then threw them in the oven. These veggies cooked for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime I sauteed 1 onion in a little olive oil. Then added 1 tbsp tumeric, a 1 inch cube of finely grated ginger and 3 fat cloves of garlic. When veggies were done roasting I cut them up and added them to the pot. I added in 6 cups of water and half an organic veggie bouillon cube.

Simmered for an hour and blended to perfection in my Blendtec.

I topped mine with radish sprouts, cilantro, black sesame seeds, cayenne pepper and a spoonful of sunfloweer kitchens vegan pesto. Love that stuff.

So simple and super healthy.

Oh, and one day of good nutrition and a few spoonfuls of my honey garlic cough syrup and they are back to being little rascals. Although they never really stopped :-)

Enjoy. xo


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