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A Food Sensitivity Test and Stomach Pains

August 2013, Bella had been getting these wicked stomach aches about once a week. She would scream, be sweating and be really debilitated in pain. She always had to poop and then all was better til the next time. I did not think it was from constipation, she went daily. Her poops were always quick and easy. I thought there was something more.

I decided to do an IgG food sensitivity test to see if there is anything she could be reacting too. This is not an anaphylactic allergy test (that is an IgE test), this test shows a delayed reaction to a specific food that would occur 24-48 hours after it is consumed. This sensitivity can result in numerous symptoms such as; digestive complaints, headaches, congestion, and joint pain. I had taken her off the major culprits; dairy, wheat and eggs while we were waiting for the test results. It takes 3 weeks to get the results and it showed she had a sensitivity to eggs.

Ouch. Eggs. Anything in the IV or higher category you want to avoid completely. Bye bye scrambled eggs, french toast and the most beloved of breads, Challah.

As you can see, dairy was ok.

She has been off of eggs for almost 1.5 year. I am happy to say she has not had a single stomach ache since avoiding eggs. There were a few mishaps and she suffered, but if she kept away she was ok. We recently started introducing eggs a little spoonful or a slice of Challah here and there and she has been totally fine. I have also been building her gut flora with healthy probiotic strains, which I always have since birth, but I believe removing the offending food allowed her gut to heal itself. I know there is skepticism with this test, and naturopathic treatments in general, but seeing how much better she did by removing this one food item really is amazing. I am a total believer.


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