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Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

We go strawberry picking every year to Organics Farm in Markham. This year I decided to try make a "healthy" strawberry jam with our abundance. I used coconut sugar and added chia seeds as the thickening agent. I could have cooked it down a little more but for my first go at jam making not bad. Think I am going to try it again with wild blueberries!

I asked the kids how it tasted and my big guy says "of course it tastes good mommy, it's jam!!" ‪

6 cups ‪strawberries, cut‬ 1/4 cup ‪chiaseeds‬ 1/4 cup coconut sugar lemon zest 1/2 squeezed fresh lemon

I put all the ingredients in a pot and let it simmer for a good hour. That was really it. I did not preserve it so likley won't be good after a month. Likely won't las that long. Enjoy. xo


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